Federal Small Business Grants for Women

Federal Small Business Grants for Women

The present economy has reached a milestone and going through a sea chance with women making a mark as entrepreneurs.

Federal Small Business Grants for Women.

Federal Small Business Grants for Women

Federal Small Business Grants for Women

According to National Women’s Business Council, women entrepreneurs garnered the title of the “fastest growing sector in the small business community” in 2014 as one of four companies  or more in U.S. is owned by women.

Moreover, according to U.S. Census Bureau in last 17 years the increase in women-owned businesses has augmented to 1.5 times and presently more than 9.1 million businesses are run by women in U.S. These are a source of employment for 7.9 million people, generating more than $1.4 trillion in revenues.

The U.S. government seeks to utilize this huge potential resource for the development of the economy, offering it the required financial aid for planning and establishment. Contriving a business along with a family and work to manage can be challenging in terms of financial reserves and might require some aid. The funding sources for the women enterprisers facilitate in the foundation, growth and flourishing of the business.

The grants are however, issued to those working for the betterment of the community such as nonprofit organizations. So, if you have dreams soaring high, apply for these grants, loans and other funding sources and roll the wheels of your vision.

Loans, Grants and Financial Assistance to Apply for

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA offers several loan programs for the business oriented women. The Office of Women’s Business Owners (OWBO) has the perfect aid for an excellent business credit report which is an essential requirement, a remarkable business plan that interests the lender and the required financial grants for the growth and expansion of the business. Moreover, it counsels, instructs, offers ideas, encourages and gives recommendations to embark upon your plan. Just take the little risk and make the leap!


Search through the Grants.gov site for the most suitable and the specific grant you need. Type your required keywords to find the federal grants that are offered by the 26 federal grant making agencies and then track your application through the tracking number that you had received to know your qualifying status. Some of the agency grants are: National Institutes of Health, SBA, Agency for International Development, Business and Cooperative Programs, Golden Field Office and others.

Woman Owned Grant Database and Membership

Women can now get the access to multiple business grants, loans and state programs that are framed for setup and expansion of business. Get all the information searching through state and the keyword and apply to successfully qualify for the grants. You have the privilege to have the contact of the grantor’s information and the essential requisites of the application procedures. Realize your dream today with this simple database search program.

Amber Foundation Grant

Since 1998, this organization has been funding for ambitious women keen to start their business, such as home-based or online businesses. The amount ranges from $500 and $1,000 that are awarded to meet the small expenses to start a business or in purchasing required essentials.

Women’s Financial Fund

A non-profit organization, it awards grants to empowering women desirous of starting their own business setup. Two types of grants are available here:

  • New Business Grants: available to all business types- Internet-based businesses, marketing businesses, service-based businesses and its amount is decided as per the need.
  • Existing Business Grants: it is to improve the net worth of the existing businesses and the amount may be used for purchasing to expand, grow, purchase or develop.

Besides these, there are list of other agencies  and institutes to offer a helping hand to striving women which include American Association of University Women, Women’s Finance, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Financial Women International etc.

Women-owned businesses now have significant influence on the U.S. economy. In the past 17 years firms with women in the top management have increased by over 68% and total revenues have also grown by 72%. You too don’t lag behind. Avail the grants and start your business today.

  • Federal Small Business Grants for Women.